How to find an awesome Wedding DJ Melbourne for the best party Dance Floor Vibes

The covid 19 pandemic – particularly in Victoria – has affected the availability of many awesome wedding DJ Melbourne vibes. The pool has become smaller – some professional wedding DJs that have been around for over 15 years have hung up their headphones and quit the industry. What this means is it is even harder (but not impossible) for wedding couples to find their dream wedding DJ Melbourne.

This blog is a useful guide to help you find the best DJ to suit you and your wedding feel.

Book In Your Wedding DJ As Early As You Can

It goes without saying that being organised will give you the best chance of securing a great DJ. Availability for 2022 and 2023 is becoming harder to book in, with wedding DJs catching up on two years of bookings that have been postponed (sometimes more than once). We predict that 2023 will be even more limited with dates by the end of 2022, meaning you should reach out to the preferred wedding DJ 12 months in advance if music is a big-ticket item for your special day.

We at Matt Jefferies Entertainment recommend researching & reaching out to potential wedding DJs at the same time as hiring in a wedding photographer. In our experience, if you leave hiring a disc jockey until the last minute, you will have little choice as all the most in-demand wedding DJs in Melbourne will be booked up for your special day.

Know Where To Book An Awesome Wedding DJ

In our experience, we can recommend three main ways to find an amazing DJ for your special day:

  • Google
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • Recommendations from suppliers.

These will give you the best chance of securing an amazing wedding DJ for your wedding day celebration.


There are so many wedding DJ Melbourne businesses that it may feel overwhelming! When it comes to finding professional wedding DJs, we recommend taking a look at some of their google places listings and also checking them out on Facebook reviews and ABIA (Australian Bridal Awards) website for reviews.

Instagram And Facebook

Many of our couples have spent hours searching for their wedding suppliers on social media. Instagram and Facebook are an awesome way to see how many weddings they do, what a wedding is like with that particular DJ and what vibe they have so you can make sure it suits what you want. Although you should always take a look at a DJ’s website as well, Instagram and Facebook will show you a real “behind-the-decks” look of the DJ at work at a wedding. You can also get a really good sense of your potential wedding DJ’s personality & style.

Business recommendations

Ask your venue & other businesses you have hired, like your celebrant or photographer, for recommendations of wedding DJs they have worked with. As wedding experts, your other hired businesses are ideally placed to recommend a business that suits your wedding vibe. In addition to this, as they have gotten to you in the planning process, they will have a good idea of the type of DJ that would suit you.

What To Look For In A Professional DJ

There are some key things to consider when looking for that ideal wedding DJ. These include:

  1. How many years of experience the DJ has had
  2. The budget of your wedding
  3. How the DJ handles the planning process
  4. Proof of their claims of greatness!
  5. Will the DJ play your music requests

This is a must-have! Your wedding DJ needs to have lots of experience in playing at the type of wedding that you are planning. Playing at a pub or nightclub is completely different and does not require the interpersonal skills that DJing a wedding reception does.

Good Luck On Your Search For An Awesome Wedding DJ.

Hopefully, this blog has given you a game plan to find the best wedding DJ for you!

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