Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Music And Hiring A Pro

3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Music For Your Reception

Wedding DJ’s are often overlooked when it comes to planning your wedding or event events. In fact, not everybody knows how important the role they play in whichever wedding or event they are hired to play music in!

People belittle event and wedding DJ Yarra Valley music as just mere people who press play on existing recorded songs or self-made mixes and mashups for live dance floors. What they will not realise is that their role in weddings and events goes a lot more deeper than just pressing play on background songs or giving guests something fun to dance to, which is something that a lot of couples regret not having thought about before the wedding reception.

The Role Of Wedding Disc Jockey In Melbourne Receptions

There are lots of couples who think that a DJ is not important; it is “just” music, after all. Instead, they put a lot more time into the wedding flowers, dress, food, and venue, so much so that they will tend to forget about the wedding music! Remember that you can not have a wedding or party without awesome music to dance the night away to. 

You might think of just putting on some music from Spotify, but it is not the same thing as having somebody guide a room to a full and fun dance floor and event. As a wedding couple going through one of the most important days of their lives, you might want to invest in the awesome memories of the big and special day! Your friends and family may not remember your wedding dress, but they will for sure remember having an amazing time. 

Listed are a few reasons why hiring a professional DJ will give you and your family and friends the time of their lives.

They Have A Good Collection Of Songs That Will Suit Your Taste

Connecting your smartphone to an aux cable and randomly selecting songs is not the best thing you can do. You will want all your family and friends to enjoy the wedding or function, after all! Perhaps you may even convince them to get up and dance if you knew which tunes to select and press play on, but that would mean you have to give your full attention to the music list and smartphone. 

Meanwhile, a professional wedding DJ Yarra Valley can effectively keep the crowd up and dancing while keeping the music flowing by selecting different songs the guests will love. They are also experienced in beat matching well, which means they will just keep playing without literally skipping a beat! It will definitely put everybody in an upbeat and happy mood throughout the wedding reception.

They Will Know How To Correctly Set The Room Up

The setup of a DJ is very important because you would not want your friends and family to bump into each other when they are up and dancing. You also would not want to blast somebody’s ear off because they were positioned behind the speakers! 

The best way to ovide this is to talk to your specialist wedding DJ Melbourne before setting a finalised seat chart plan. Ask them for thoughts on the setup of the wedding or event. They will also give you ideas on ways to safely tape down the cords to ensure that no one will trip over them.

They Will Keep Everybody Entertained

A wedding DJ Yarra Valley can provide creative input on how to entertain your friends and family and keep all their energy alive. They will even know how and where to incorporate the ‘entertainment’ well. 

Aside from how they will deliver, these wedding specialists will make sure to dress correctly and very professionally. They will not even drink while at the venue and will always offer a polite response to anybody they interact with. Wedding DJs are professional people who will make sure that you will have the best time with lots of memories of the wedding reception and they will make sure to play the part in making sure that for you as well!

Final Thoughts

Wedding DJ in Melbourne are more than just people who choose the tunes and play them to your dancing guests. They are specialists who know how to mix together tunes, drive a crowd to dance all night long, and are professionally entertaining. Book Matt Jefferies Entertainment and have the most awesome wedding reception ever!

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Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Music And Hiring A Pro