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Unique wedding favour ideas – (ex: designer chocolates, photo magnets, sugar cookies etc. etc.)

After the wedding event, everybody thinks that all is well and over but not yet actually. Though the guests are fed and also entertained, there is still yet some things that should never be forgotten, like giving them wedding favours Yarra Valley both durable but also likeable.

Every couple goes the extra mile to research, make or shop for a unique piece of wedding favour. There are stores online whose specialty are wedding favour; there are also wedding magazine features and spreads, hacks and DIY tutorials too.

But admit it or not, sometimes one finds all these repetitive cliches. And that is wanted is something not seen before or at least not as dull as a figurine.

But help is on its way, and the following could well be enough to cover what one needs for unique wedding favours Yarra Valley ideas, and here goes:

1) Not a flop with flip flops -beach bum couples who hold their wedding at a beachfront or a resort would rather not let their guests walk on hot sand, so why not flip flops that they could use which is practical and could relieve them of aches and pain from their fashionable footwear.

2) Brewing and brimming with a joyful cup of coffee- be it Robusta, Arabica, or infused with other flavours like French Vanilla Latte, with a subtle mix of Valencia Oranges guests are in for a “coffee -licious” treat.

3) Chummy over Designer Chocolates- this is a once in a lifetime event so it might not hurt to spend a little, everyone likes the store-bought chocolates, but it is extra special when they are levelled up. Try designer chocolates that have exotic flavours like chocolate with chilli, for instance.

4) Bring out the Best Baker in Australia in You- If you have talent in whipping up thumbprint cookies, “blondies”, “brookies”, sugar cookies, go ahead and make the oven bake and churn all these goodies as a personally prepared wedding favour.

5) Squeaky Clean Hygiene Stuff -Toss in towelettes that have embroidered names of guests, homemade bath bombs or bath salts; bottle some organic handmade shampoo and or hand sanitisers in a small, cute tote canvas bag or pouch.

6) Not in vain vanity pouch – comb for the gentlemen and or paddle brush for the ladies with their names engraved on it; with pocket mirror or those with led lights for the women.

7) Pretty as Peach Photo Magnets – no need for a time capsule to contain the feel and the memories of the wedding event when one has a photo magnet that is easy to carry and uncomplicated to display anywhere.
8) Opulent Pre-Made Chilled Drinks in RTD- If one has a knack for “mixology”, why not curate ways to put in ready to drink bottles if possible concoctions like Virgin Mojito, Margarita, Coke & Rum etc.

9) Bag full of confections- have a station for candied sweets and dried fruit and provide a personalized basket or bag where the scooped up treats could be placed by the guests.

10) Chess it like you should-Paint the King and Queen chess pieces as bride and groom and insert them inside a chessboard themed mini box.

11) Flirty with Pheromones- lipstick for the ladies and cologne infused with pheromones- the naturally occurring chemical that is believed to be useful in the art of attraction.

12) Tempting “No Ice Cream” Ice Cream Cones in a Box – can’t eat ice cream at the moment but still want something sweet? Pipe in Cream -Choc Mint, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Matcha or Vanilla Bean flavours onto ice cream cones and let the cream set then place these treats inside a giftable box.

13) Noble Novel Based Bookmarks – pay tribute to a favourite author by quoting his famous lines from the novels or books he authored. And print them on the front hand painted portion of your handmade bookmark. Do you want to acknowledge the source? Okay, go ahead at least do that at the back portion if you want to.

14) Geode Glam – unleash that artist slash geologists in you and come up with one’s own geode style paperweights as give away -there are a lot of materials from craft stores like plastic moulds, resins, paints etc.

15 Riveting Love Recipes- print copies of mini recipe books that contain at least five recipes of the couple’s favourite dishes and adorn the front cover with photos of them garbed in chef’s clothing. Borehole on one side and to place a string or chain to make it even appear like a key chain. Even without a hefty budget for wedding favours, all it takes is thinking not only out of the box but beyond it. Couple it with creativity and surely one will be able to give out the best wedding favour ever.

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