Wedding Ideas Melbourne : Choosing a Wedding Theme

Wedding Ideas Melbourne: Choosing a Wedding Theme

It is like visiting a shoe store for females where on each stand there is a nice pair of stilettos, luxuriant pumps, endearing flats, and high rise boots. 

Choosing a wedding theme could be a carnival or could turn into a fiasco, and that depends on how well you decide. So now, how to choose the best theme? Here are some wedding ideas Melbourne for any couple out there planning their wedding:

  • First, identify what type of wedding to have

Is it a multiracial wedding? Traditional? Modern? From there, one can explore the key elements to infuse in the wedding theme. Say if it is multiracial, like Filipino –Australian Wedding, the one who plans and helps coordinate the wedding must bear in mind that the couple differs in culture. What concepts bind these two cultures and what separates them? If the groom likes classics from the 80s, would it jive with the Filipino “harana” music? How about if it is traditional, what are the common traditions to be laid over? If it is an elopement type, would a brazen motif match it? If it is a Micro wedding, will the grand plan befit it?

  • Survey the Venue 

Have a stroll and ocular visit to a prospective venue. So if one would hoist over draperies of beige, peach and white, one can tell if it is for a Rustic wedding. Throw in some reds, oranges and yellows and see if it is up for an Autumnal theme.

  • Know the Pros and Cons of the couple themselves. 

There is no second-guessing here; most times, consultations should be parleyed with the couple to target appropriate and otherwise in the theme.

For the following, careful attention to detail must be given:

  1. Multicultural Weddings


-Interview on the religious adherence of the bride and groom.

-Specifically, ask upfront what they think is taboo and acceptable to do.

-Be thorough in taking notes about the preference of the side of the bride and groom.

-Research on what is culturally appropriate and relevant.


-Assume that one knows what to do.

-Never research.

-Think that all weddings are the same.

      2. Traditional Weddings


-Formulaic and is bound by time-honoured traditions

-It always considers the input of the couple’s parents


-veer away from what has been practised.

-putting aside familial traditions.

    3. Modern Weddings


-Choose a flexible venue for wedding ceremonies like an Art Gallery, Botanical Garden, Theme park etc.

-Be spontaneous


-Choose to be uptight and not trusting one’s intuition.

-Fear out of the box concepts

  • Never get daunted by being “yourself”.

One can take so much advice on a select wedding theme, but the best one must come from the couple themselves. The affirmation must be elicited from both of them.

The story of the wedding event must be evident in the choice of theme and must not overshadow the most important variable of all, the love that is present in both the bride and groom.

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