Wedding Themes In Melbourne: What Theme Are You Having For Your Wedding?

Wedding Themes In Melbourne: What Theme Are You Having For Your Wedding?

There are several key points in choosing the best theme for a wedding but for a start; there are a lot of readings that tell of the same stuff.

To begin with; much has been said about looking at the wedding venue for ceremony and reception, for it is in this distinct space is where all the magic happens. Next, themes vary from couple to couple since it should be their personalities that should be reflected.But as far as people of Melbourne are concerned there are actually preferred wedding themes In Melbourne that have been making the rounds and here are some of them with their distinct features:

  • Winery 

After the ceremony, there is a cellar door for the couple and the guests and most times there is a restaurant decked within its bounds offering the freshest produce and sublime menu. Substantially, barrels and casks of wine are a delight, a dash of greens and florals are enough because the backdrop in itself is nature’s landscape, a bit of rustic could also be employed like neutral fabrics, and fruits in season can double up as snacks and decors themselves.

  • Beach 

Sun-worshippers incorporate stuff like dainty shells, nautical prints, anchors, splashes of blue and white colours, palms, pearls, turquoise, wooded materials, natural arches so as to match up with the majestic seascape.

  • Vintage 

This is articulated through whatever bygone era of choice. It could highlight old limousines or other automobiles, sepia photographs on the dining table grandma’s favourite teapot and cup set, antiquated effects such as silver and china wares, heirloom furniture etc.

  • Rustic 

Outdoorsy and contains capsules such as wooden coasters, doilies, copper lanterns, fairy lights or rounded light bulbs, can have either crisp blooms or dried ones, opulent tablescapes and draperies of white, peach, and other similar colours.

  • Bohemian 

At times people relate this with Rustic, but there is still some defining line. Wicker or rattan baskets could be transformed into lanterns, and there are lots of quartz, amber and geode. One can mix and mash up bold types of flowers, wreaths, natural table runners, tepees, even tents, eccentric fabrics, pillows, rugs and carpets, macramé, cords, candles etc.

  • Glamorous 

A grand ballroom, a courtyard for this and spells out a feel of romanticism with roses, gilds of gold and silver, slivers of black, marbles, whites and crystals.

  • Micro weddings 

It is like an elopement weddings in Melbourne with a select number of guests making the most out of the features and the prescribed menu.

  • Romantic 

A whole bunch of roses of various species and colours somewhat quite a glamorous wedding but more on the feministic side.

  • Thematic 

May it be like a scene from a movie and part from a paperback novel one can act as the protagonist, the villain.


As much as there is a hoard of options out there for Wedding Themes in Melbourne , the one that in the long run, prevail must be what the couple wishes to explore and that projects their real character and identity.

Whatever theme you chose, you deserve to have a good music and entertainment. And if you are looking for good entertainment, make sure to book Wedding DJ Melbourne Matt Jefferies Entertainment. We will make sure that your wedding is what you dreamt it to be.

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