Yarra Valley Photo Booth Tips On Hiring One

Hiring a photo booth for your event is a fantastic way to provide some extra entertainment for your friends, family or workmates whilst capturing some great shots of all the people who came to help you celebrate your event.

You can use the photo printouts as gifts, have your guests put them in your guest book along with their message, or keep the photos as souvenirs for you & your guests! Whatever your reason for choosing to hire a photo booth, here are some great tips to get the best out of your Yarra Valley photo booth.

Have An Experienced Yarra Valley Photo Booth Operator

Many corporate & wedding photo booths Yarra Valley come complete with an experienced photo booth operator or attendant that will make sure everything runs seamlessly throughout the evening & will explain how to use the booth to your guests. If your booth doesn’t have an operator, print out a large sign with instructions for your friends, family and workmates.

Decorate Your Yarra Valley Photo Booth

Your photo booth Melbourne will be a focal point of your event so make sure it is decorated to match your event theme or colour scheme. This goes for the operator as well. Check what they will be wearing & if you want them to dress in a particular way, let them know before the event.

 Collect Pictures In A Book

Put out a guest book, or only a post box for your guests to put their pictures in. If you can supply scissors, they can cut the pictures up so that they keep two & write a message on the other side of the other 2 to give to you.

Encourage group shots With As Many People As You Can

A single guest in a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley might feel a little self-conscious (think passport photo), but as soon as you get couples or groups piling into the photo booth the pictures will be more natural & fun.

Provide Yarra Valley Photo Booth Props

Giving your family, friends or workmates some exciting props such as hats, signs, & comedy glasses can produce funny results. Some couples go even further & set up a whole set with a backdrop & scenery instead of having a simple hire A photo booth Yarra Valley.

Have The Photo Booth At The Right Time

Generally, the cost of having a photo booth Melbourne depends on the number of hours you would like it for, so consider the best time to have your photo booth set up & allow access for your friends, family or workmates. Most businesses will hire the booth out for five hours which is great because you can capture all of the fun, but the most used time for great pictures is after dinner when your friends, family or workmates are most relaxed & have got to know one another a bit more.

Get The Images Uploaded To An Online Gallery

Some mirror photo booth Yarra Valley will store pictures taken during your event, & you can have these put on an online gallery. The pictures are perfect for thank you cards or can be added to your photo album. A montage of mirror photo booth Melbourne pictures can also be an awesome addition to your event video.

Don’t Forget To Have A Go Yourself.

Many event organisers or couples are so busy socialising & following formalities on their event day that they do not have time to taste the food or listen to the songs they have paid for. Make sure you take a couple of minutes to snuggle up in the photo booth with your partner!


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Yarra Valley Photo Booth Tips On Hiring One
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Yarra Valley Photo Booth Tips On Hiring One