DJ in Melbourne - Choosing the Best Wedding DJ

DJ in Melbourne – Choosing the Best Wedding DJ

There are a good number of entertainers and wedding DJs out there and what is the likelihood that one would be able to choose the best one? What should exactly must one know in selecting one? What is the spot on qualities that make a prospect stand out among the multitude?

Here are a few things to practically pluck out the “one:” DJ in Melbourne

  • Admit to one’s self; it is better that a professional do it

Don’t take it personally but DJing is not a skill for everyone as it goes beyond playing tunes it entails timing, proper song choices, alertness, adrenaline, optimism, good interpersonal skills, among others.

  • Searching is not limited to friends or family members

It may be that someone close is good in mixing sounds, fading in and out but to avoid overfamiliarity and sacrificing professionalism, look elsewhere.

  • Dig in onto the Entertainment Directory

No idea where to look for one? Find an online directory like Wedding Services Melbourne that catalogues the best professional DJ in town. 

  • Do not just rely on reviews

Visit; invite for an interview the DJs one would like to work with. Ask friends who previously married what the go-to pages on Facebook or other online wedding forums that give tips on where to find the best Wedding DJ in Melbourne.

  • Trust one’s gut feel

If it does not sink in and if something seems off, it will mean that one would not be comfortable with the choice in the actual event so scour up more options.

  • Highlight fine qualities

Use spare time but also ask for permission if one ought to watch a DJ play in a certain event. Try to see if he is rude or polite, energetic or lethargic, compassionate and tactful in turning down songs that might kill the playlist, on time and exude professionalism.

  • Check only on the ‘good DJs”. 

What exactly are the characteristics of a good Wedding DJ in Melbourne? Have a score sheet and if one will be able to tick off all of these, bingo! The person could be what one is looking for:

  1. Personality – Gets along well with clients and soon to be one. Pays attention to details and the pressing needs of the couple and does not insist on what he sees best for the program. Takes into consideration what to play and not to. Sacrifice personal opinion for a smooth transaction and performance. Is approachable to anyone in the event interested in his services.
  2. Confident – not in a sense arrogant but believes in himself and the vision of his client.
  3. Communication Skills – it could not be avoided, but there are different people with varying personalities in the event, but one has to have the ability to carry any conversation. Can hold short spiels and use a mic but also verse in knowing non-verbal cues. Answers questions with tact.
  4. Flexible – can be a spokesperson, emcee, program moderator etc.

So be wise, be discerning so that everybody would be enjoying the time beating each other’s fine moves on the dance floor and of course, through the top beats of that good DJ Melbourne Weddings

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