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DJ Wedding Tips Melbourne: To Choreograph or Not to Choreograph your First Dance

A show performance of leading male and female artists who can sing but more than that can dance; either local or international are total inducements to the pleasure of the senses as you watch on your smartphone, the television, even your computer or more like a live performance.

 But have you been in a wedding and the same feeling is evoked but you are not a spectator, you are a guest. Then, the ones in front of you are the bride and groom that are better off than the real thing? 

The question is, are you open to the possibility to choreograph or not to choreograph the first dance? Let us dig into this, shall we?

Let us consider the following factors about having choreography for your First Dance:

The Routine 

  • To Choreograph: Choreographing means that the routine is designed and ironed out by a professional; in short, it is patented to the bride and groom’s song and wedding first dance.
  • Not to Choreograph: Uh oh, there is a slim chance that individual movements will likely be repeated in other performances.

Choreographed first dance versus social dancing

  • To Choreograph: Even simple choreography could do the trick; not necessarily hyper complicated moves are needed to make the first dance work. If both the bride and groom can’t dance, at least (they) could get along with the music without being so self-conscious.
  • Not to Choreograph: Others can do social dancing or even have training for footwork and adept movement but let us face it, not everyone has that training or could afford a regular social dancing session. So skipping choreography may mean having to dance out there with random movements or even awkward dance steps.

Counting the Cost

  • To Choreograph: Choreographed first dances add to the expenses, but it is worth the price as it (first dance) happens just once.
  • Not to Choreograph: Scrimping on one’s budget is fine; however, one might have to look for a relative or friend who is aptly willing to teach the couple or even coach while dancing.

Giving Emphasis to parts of the First Dance Song

  • To Choreograph: The part of the chorus must be given a highlight and its message; a choreographer helps to do just that.
  • Not to Choreograph: Well, hmm, maybe you’re okay with repetitive dance steps?

Wow Factor

  • To Choreograph: Even the most unlikely choice for the first dance could be a stunning piece of masterfully crafted by a choreographer.
  • Not to Choreograph: One cannot filter a live performance, and an unfamiliar or unconventional first dance song choice may not jive well with freestyle moves.

Have second thoughts about choreography? If you have read the insights well, then perhaps the reason not to does not actually outweighs the reasons to pursue it, especially if you happen to have the means and time to plan and execute your dream wedding; why not explore the possibility of investing in it? Not that your first dance shall be a crowd-pleaser, or you’ll be the show stoppers. Still, beyond that, you are doing yourself a favour by realising that making glorious memories are worth it and priceless after all. On top of that, why not add a CLOUD EFFECT FOR YOUR FIRST DANCE

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