Melbourne Photo Booth

Melbourne Photo Booth Original –  Flinders Street Station Booth

One of the very first Photo Booths to setup was at Flinders Street Station,

and you used to be able to find it located at the Elizabeth Street station exit but due to Metro Station works it has been moved next to Boost Juice and the bus stop where you can get pictures taken from Melbourne photo booth original

The iconic photo booth started operation in 1961 and is still operating today. When Alan Adler (owner of the photo booth) started with photo booths in Melbourne, he had 16 of them around the city. The Flinders street station is the last one standing because back on 2018 the Chapel street photo booth had to go. After all, the property that it was built on was sold.

The photo booth has been used by many visitors to the station over the years and prints out black and white photos which come out in strip format. You get three pictures on the strip for five Australian dollars and the images are ready within three minutes. The photo booth is an enclosed booth with a curtain and a little chair for in case you would like to sit down while taking your photo. 

flinders street station picture
flinders street station photos

The photo booth only accepts ten-cents, twenty-cents, fifty-cents, one-dollar coins and two-dollar coins.

In 2018 Metro Trains decided that they were going to upgrade the station and no longer had the room for Alan Adler’s photo booth, but with a lot of support from the Melbourne public and the minister of transport the photo booth was allowed to remain open till this day.


New Melbourne Photo Booth Technology For Events


mirror photo booth Yarra Valley

Today photo booth technology has changed, and Matt Jefferies Entertainment has the latest booth for weddings, parties, corporate events or in-store promotion. We have two photo booth options for hire with the first being the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne which is a giant mirror with a touch screen and a DSLR camera inside. This photo booth has voice guidance, sign and stamp feature, can incorporate games and sends your photo to your phone ready to be post on social media as well as printouts in colour for keepsake. 

Our second photo booth option is the Pylon Roaming Photo Booth which is smaller than the mirror photo booth but has all the same features plus one very cool addition. With the Pylon Booth, it has roaming feature in which an attendant can roam around the room encouraging guests at tables to take photos or have dance floor selfies and also capture moments without waiting in queue.

To know more about our Melbourne Photo Booth options, click here. 


roaming photo booth yarra valley