Melbourne Weddings: Mangata Wedding And Function Tasting Night

Melbourne Weddings Venue Tasting Nights are always a go when it comes to couples finding a good venue for their upcoming wedding. As a wedding supplier, I had the chance to showcase my DJ business at Mangata on one of their Tasting Night event.

It was a nice sunny day on Tuesday the 17th of October. I packed my car full of DJ equipment as well as my lighting and expo display items. I took a drive to a venue in St. Kilda called Mangata. I arrived with plenty of time to set up before guests arrived.

In fact, the event had one of each wedding suppliers: cake, event catering, car hire, florist, invitations, event hire, an acoustic duo, a photographer and of course Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

We have 30 couples pre-registered which was fantastic for an event which was not free. Furthermore, the couples that came through the door were all friendly. They were also there to find businesses they could hire for there upcoming wedding day.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment – Wedding DJ

The feedback I got was that my music selection was one of the best playlists. Also, they told me that my fun ideas for wedding receptions are really cool.

In addition, I enjoyed networking with other wedding suppliers. They were all professional and easy to talk to. Also, the wedding venue is gorgeous. I would recommend this place for wedding receptions.

Feel free to look at the pictures from the event and every suppliers details. I would also recommend them all as they are good in what they do.

Mangata –

Immerse Photography –

Matt Jefferies Entertainment –

Cooney Live –

Very Inviting –

Regnier Cakes –

Naomi Rose Floral Design –

Triple R Luxury Car Hire –


Matt Jefferies Entertainment – Wedding DJ Melbourne – Melbourne Weddings

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