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There is a misconception that hiring a Wedding DJ is pretty penny and costly. But forgoing the false belief actually gives you foresight towards a unimaginable wedding reception experience that is both seamless and organised.

In fact, hiring a professional DJ will make you see that:

  • Skill does not come handy overnight. – Who said a crash course in you tube or any do it yourself DJ Site groom a Wedding DJ over night? Skills are just like a good wine. It does not matter if the cask or barrel is made from the most aromatic wood. As a matter of fact, a DJ must be immerse thoroughly in learning and mastering the craft.
  • A DJ and MC Hybrid just does not fall from the sky figuratively speaking or appears popping out of a Genie Bottle. – Some DJs are just as astute when it comes to playing tunes but there are rare ones called “hybrids”. They stack up well atypical hosting skills that will surely remove snoozing moments.
  • If you play DJ expect that you would have to dodge unexpected requests. – Let’s face the fact that only professional DJs can handle this better. They have thorough collaboration with the couple prior to the wedding and inquires beforehand about playlist. Bullet proof vest that could we politely say, they ward off requests that could bring no fruition to the wedding entertainment.
  • Canned Music makes everything your event monotonous. – Don’t let yourself regret playing it cool when you don’t actually know how to DJ. You might wish that if everything fails you must just do something to “lobotomize” everyone’s brain by ridding that awry moment of boredom you tried to DJ.

 Matt Jefferies Entertainment – Weddings DJ Melbourne For Hire

  • It has services just like MC services that can fine tune your wedding reception program and trouble shoot unnoticeable mishaps.
  • Equipment such as DJ and Lighting that are installed in the right places.
  • Dry Ice effect that spells magic to your first dance as couple.
  • Indoor fire works that add special effects to your entrance and exit.
  • Photo wedding entertainment that includes the Mirror Photo Booth and Photo Magnets
  • Additional add-ons: Candid Wedding Reception Photography that keeps you on the edge of your seats at the reception.

And if by far this is your indulgence, have the freedom to call us or contact us via email here at Matt Jefferies Entertainment.